Wendy Williams Can't Wait To Come Back From TV Show Break

Wendy Williams Can't Wait To Come Back From TV Show Break
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Wendy Williams has had her first holiday season as a nearly-single woman. The Wendy Williams Show star loves hanging with her family but can't wait to get back in her big purple chair.

Wendy recently shared a photo to Instagram where she confided in followers and asked about their New Year's traditions.

'Thx Miami, but I can't wait to get home!! I'm sooo missing doing the show & my routine. Family is great, but ok bye! I'm in lounge trying to figure out who has best soul food for New Year's day. In my culture certain foods on THAT day represent health & money. Are you familiar with this 1800s tradition?'

This year has been her most challenging yet. In addition to no longer being with Kevin Hunter, the 55-year-old doesn't have her son to come home and cook for anymore because he is off to college.

Being that it's just Wendy and her cats, she's bound to get lonely -- regardless of her new social life.

Because Wendy absolutely loves what she does, she can't wait for winter break to be over so she can cover all of the hot topics, engage in hilarious celebrity interviews, and give her viewers the best deals on merchandise during her Trendy At Wendy segment.

Although she had an amazing time in Miami, Williams would've liked to receive the best present of them all: a divorce agreement.

However, rumors have swirled that her upset ex is not making things easy at all.

Wendy's lawyers thought that they would be able to come to a close sooner rather than later but that's not the case at all.

The unnecessary stress is definitely taking a toll on the media mogul

Hopefully, in the new year, Wendy will receive a New Year's blessing that cuts ties with Kevin permanently.

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