Wendy Williams Calls Out Joseline Hernandez After This Embarrassing Video Surfaced; Will Stevie J’s Baby Mama React?

Wendy Williams Calls Out Joseline Hernandez After This Embarrassing Video Surfaced; Will Stevie J’s Baby Mama React?
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Joseline Hernandez is happily moving on from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta , and it does not look like she is wasting any time to fire up her drama machine.

Recent reports indicate that Hernandez has already managed to make an enemy on her new show -- Bravo’s Married to Medicine -- although the exact details of the altercation are not yet known.

The scandal was implied in a preview of the upcoming episode, in which Hernandez can be seen arguing with Toya Bush-Harris on something related to taking care of their children, although the producers wanted to keep the exact quarrel under wraps.

This seems to have worked wonders to draw attention to the new installment, though, especially from fans of Hernandez, who seemingly cannot get enough of seeing their favorite reality star arguing with others and putting them in their place.

It does look like her new environment might be a bit more challenging in this regard. Has Hernandez finally met her match, and what else could followers expect to see from her shortly?

This all remains under question, as the new production is still underway, and a lot can happen on the stage in the coming weeks and months.

Hernandez is in a bit of a tight spot right now with regards to her popularity and the attitude of her fans towards her, so she might have to readjust her behavior to some extent.

On the other hand, plenty of people have made it clear that they enjoy seeing her do her regular thing.

Wendy Williams is not a fan of Stevie J’s baby mama’s behavior and called the show an embarrassment.

The TV host said: “The ladies of Married to Medicine are either doctors, or they’re married to doctors. Either way, it’s all a squinty embarrassment because I don’t wanna see my doctors like that, you know what I mean?”

She added: “Joseline has nothing to lose, but these doctors do, you know with their reputations and their fancy dinner parties. Like why would you have her on this show? I love you, Joseline, and you get that money. If they’re going to be dumb enough to have you on the show, then you be smart enough to have a good storyline and stay and embarrass them all.”

Joseline is still getting her coins.


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