Wendy Williams Calls 50 Cent Body Shaming Comments ‘Lame’ – Here’s Why She’s Not Letting His Nasty Remarks Affect Her

Wendy Williams Calls 50 Cent Body Shaming Comments ‘Lame’ – Here’s Why She’s Not Letting His Nasty Remarks Affect Her
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Wendy Williams is not letting rapper 50 Cent’s body shaming comments get to her. The newly single lady is full of confidence these days, as she continues to live her best life.

Hollywood Life has a source which insists all Williams is focused on right now is enjoying her five-week vacation from work. She is going out, having fun, dating, and loving life. The Power stars recent comments are not even on her radar.

"50 Cent can try and body-shame her all he wants, but it won't get to her. Wendy's feeling so good about herself that his lame attempt to bring her down didn't work. She doesn't even care about 50 Cent and finds it funny that he's still trying to get to her.Why is he so obsessed with her?" the source revealed to the website.

The rapper decided to kick off the new month with an Instagram post that body shamed Williams. He used a screengrab of one of her social media posts to continue to make fun of the talk show host, who was dressed in a rainbow jumpsuit on a float for NYC Pride day.

"This b–ch skipped leg day for 20 years," he captioned the photo, which users were quick to point out was body shaming .

The Wendy Williams Show host has not personally responded to 50 Cent’s nasty remarks. She is taking the high road so far when it comes to her foe. However, that may change when Williams returns to work next week. Her five-week hiatus is up on July 8th, which means the host will be back in full swing to dish all of the latest hot topics.

"When Wendy gets back to 'Hot Topics,' she'll update her fans on everything that has been happening in her life since she went on break, everything. She knows it's her turn to be in the hot seat and she won't shy away. She's not going to try and hide anything from her fans. They can get all the tea directly from her when her show comes back," the source further shared with Hollywood Life.

Fans will have to tune in next Monday to see exactly what the talk show host has to say about 50 Cent's latest body shaming comments, but for now, Williams is enjoying her last few days of vacation fun. Do you think she will blast the rapper or simply ignore the jab all together?


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  • Veronica
    Veronica Jul 3, 2019 5:28 PM PDT

    I don't care for her but no one deserves that. I heard she's trying to bring her show to Hollywood. We don't need that kind of mess in California. We already have Ellen and RuPaul the best of the best. She needs to stay where she's from.

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