Wendy Williams Blames Her Fall On Live TV On Menopause

Wendy Williams Blames Her Fall On Live TV On Menopause
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Everyone is worried about Wendy Williams and her health after she passed out on live television on October 31. In the latest interview, the talk show diva reveals she is totally fine, and she also talks about what happened to cause her to drop in front of the cameras.


Wendy wants all her fans to know that she is just fine after fainting during her live Halloween show.

Wendy sat down with Good Morning America just three days after the incident on Friday, November 3, to explain what exactly happened.

'You know, I’m a woman of a particular age. I’m also going through menopause,' Wendy revealed.

'So, I didn’t think my costume was hot when I first tried it on. You know, it was a catsuit, people might have thought it was a dress, it wasn’t a dress.'

She also shared that the paramedics told her she might be dehydrated. 'Instead of drinking regular water I had electrolyte drinks. And then, you know, I went to my own doctors, and I’m fine. Including blood work,' Wendy added, reassuring her fans that she is feeling just fine.

However, she did admit that she knew she was going to faint when the show returned from its break.



'I felt it. It felt like I was in the middle of a fire, starting down at my feet going all the way up,” Wendy explained. Later she joked that she joked that she told herself to 'fall pretty.'

Wendy is celebrating her 1,500th episode on November 13! 'I can’t wait,' she shared.

'I’ve proven myself for today. I gotta be in here on Monday to do it again. See? That’s why I got up off the floor and came out here and closed the show.'

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