Wendy Williams Awkwardly Kisses Meek Mill At Party And It Looked Like He Didn't Enjoy It

Wendy Williams Awkwardly Kisses Meek Mill At Party And It Looked Like He Didn't Enjoy It
Credit: Source: Vibe.com

According to a report from Page Six, Wendy Williams recently made a bad move while at a party. The television show host, 55, was at the album release party for Rick Ross this past Thursday and it looked like she tried to kiss the 32-year-old rapper Meek Mill on the cheek.

The 32-year-old's facial expression made him look as if he really wasn't enjoying the exchange either. On William's side, however, it appeared like she wasn't bothered by it at all while celebrating with Rick Ross at Villain in New York.

In the past, Ms. Williams, formerly Mrs. Williams, continuously defended Meek Mill on her show during his trial and subsequent imprisonment for repeatedly violating probation. Following the overturning of his 2008 conviction, Williams celebrated by declaring, "Meek Mill is a free man!"

Reportedly, Williams partied a lot lately following the announcement of her show's hiatus. The star even postponed two of her scheduled tour dates, deciding to take some time off and enjoy life with friends instead.

Next Saturday, Williams will appear at the NJPAC. As it was previously reported, Wendy just separated from her executive producer ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

The two are still legally married, however, they're estranged following the revelation that he supposedly cheated on her with another woman. Moreover, rumor has it that Kevin not only committed infidelity, but he also impregnated another girl.

This event supposedly played a fundamental role in Wendy's downfall earlier this year. Allegedly, Wendy was found behind set one day falling down due to intoxication. She checked herself into a sober living home for other successful women.

The star, during a discussion about it on her show, said that many of the women in the group were high achievers. While her fans cheered for her to get better, others were less sympathetic, 50 Cent among them.

After her personal troubles were revealed, 50 Cent, also known as Curtis Jackson, took to his social media to poke fun at the television show host's recent problems. Paraphrasing the Get Rich Or Die Tryin ' rapper, Curtis said he always knew something was up with the 55-year-old.

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