Wendy Williams Announces She's Going Back On Air - From Her Living Room!

Wendy Williams Announces She's Going Back On Air - From Her Living Room!
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Wendy Williams went off the air around a month ago due to the threat of the coronavirus, and it looks like she's finally coming back to the set, although, in a different format. Wendy will be producing new episodes of her eponymous talk show next week.

BET reported earlier today that the television talk show host, Wendy, whose show went off the air on the 12th of March due to the surge of coronavirus cases in New York City, will go live again on the 6th of April, two days from now.

The star will unleash a fresh batch of content regularly in addition to previously recorded segments. According to BET, some of the content was filmed before it went on hiatus. Wiliams released a statement recently in which she revealed the good news.

The host joked that she wouldn't be sitting in her usual purple chair, but she was thrilled to bring her show back to where it belongs - in front of her audience and fans. With that said, she, of course, won't be taping in front of a live audience due to the state's quarantine measures.

Reportedly, Ellen DeGeneres is going back on the air on the same day. The Wrap was the first to report that Ellen would be speaking with big-name guests like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez. Last month, it was reported that Wendy was having a tough time letting her show go.

Several outlets claimed the television talk show host begged to keep her series on the air, but due to the coronavirus, she had to shut it down. As it was mentioned in passing above, Wendy isn't the only person to have her show put on hold.

In fact, nearly all of the late-night television shows were halted while the world grapples with COVID-19. Most hosts have chosen to continue airing their series, but in a different format, usually from their homes, like what Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Andy Cohen have done.

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