Wendy Williams And NeNe Leakes - Inside Their Reconciliation After Huge Fallout!

Wendy Williams And NeNe Leakes - Inside Their Reconciliation After Huge Fallout!
Credit: Source: essence.com

Wendy Williams exposed a private text conversation with NeNe Leakes on her talk show, making it seem like the RHOA star was leaving the series that made her famous. As a result, the two ladies had a huge fallout, NeNe slamming Wendy on Twitter soon after!

However, it seems like they have managed to fix their friendship and they are now closer than ever!

NeNe made it very clear not too long ago that she and Wendy don’t have bad blood anymore and now, one insider report claims to know how they buried the hatchet.

As it seems, it took some serious work for the two women to get back to a good place and that is especially so since they never had that conversation.

The insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘NeNe was really confused by Wendy revealing a private text exchange between them on live television. It blindsided her. They’ve since talked and have done their best to move past it. They were able to move past it pretty quickly and their friendship was not affected by this. NeNe and Wendy have worked hard on rebuilding their friendship after years of not speaking, and NeNe wants to trust that Wendy would never do that to her again.’

While a guest on Watch What Happens Live on March 1, NeNe told the host, Andy Cohen, that they are on good terms again.

In fact, she also mentioned that earlier in the day, they had enjoyed lunch together and even went shopping.

‘NeNe doesn’t deal with drama or hold grudges in her life like she used to. Despite the fact that she was really mad at Wendy for how she handled things, she has a lot of fun with Wendy and she’s not holding a grudge,’ the source dished to the same news outlet.


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