Wendy Williams Amused By Her Husband's Cheating Rumors - Their Marriage Is 'Solid!'

Wendy Williams Amused By Her Husband's Cheating Rumors - Their Marriage Is 'Solid!'
Credit: Source: hollywoodstreetking.com

Social media has been talking not so kindly about the reported marriage drama in Wendy Williams’ life, but apparently, the talk show host is just laughing at the trolls since they know nothing about it! Amid rumors that her husband Kevin Hunter had an affair, one insider tells HollywoodLife that their marriage is actually ‘solid!’

The source explained to the outlet that the woman is not at all fazed by the rumors surrounding her and the producer’s marriage.

In fact, ‘Wendy‘s marriage with Kevin is as solid as ever. She is laughing at some of the infidelity rumors, which have popped up yet again.’

The supposed ‘new’ cheating accusations actually still stem from the original reports published a few months ago that claimed he had been living a double life for many years!

That being said, the insider explained that Wendy is treating the new rumors just like she did at that time – she’s ignoring them!

‘Wendy is happily married and she has no plans to leave or divorce Kevin. Wendy doesn’t appreciate people taking shots at her or her marriage. But, she had gotten used to it although it is not nice, appreciated or valid,’ the source went on to add.

Aside from the cheating speculations, Wendy also made headlines after a worrisome live show during which she slurred her words and did not seem Okay at all!

Later on, she explained that it was a result of the painkillers she took for her fractured shoulder and also apologized to her audience for a ‘less than stellar’ performance.

She made sure to thank everyone for the concern and promised to do much better in the new year!

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