Wendy Williams Addresses The Social Media Rumor That She Farted On Air

Wendy Williams Addresses The Social Media Rumor That She Farted On Air
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During Thursday's episode of her daytime television series, Wendy Williams dished on a new social media rumor that's unrelated to her most recent finalized divorce, which was also in the media headlines earlier this week.

The 55-year-old television show host discussed the recent scandal that she deemed, "Fartgate," which began on the 17th of January after a clip of the show was passed around online. The video clip appeared to portray the host farting during her Hot Topics segment.

Williams kicked off the segment by stating that she wanted to have a very serious conversation with her audience, and then she played the video. The video shows Wendy leaning over in the chair when suddenly a sound similar to a fart reverberates.

Williams then went on to deny that she ever farted, stating that she almost never does so. The television show host claimed that all she does is talk, so, for the most part, she mostly burps and belches, and that's how she releases gas.

According to the host, who recently separated from her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, she leans over in her chair like that because it's more comfortable, and takes the load off her spine temporarily. Because after all, she's been doing the same job for a long time.

Furthermore, Wendy claimed that she would've made a bigger deal out of it had she actually passed gas. Wendy thinks that somebody actually put a fart noise on the clip to make it seem like she farted when really she didn't.

During Thursday's episode, Wendy never addressed her recent divorce with Kevin hunter. Instead, Wendy dived into Pamela Anderson's abrupt wedding and also Jessica Simpson's struggle with addiction.

Regarding how they hammered out the details of their divorce, neither party will pay alimony and they're also going to split the profits from the sale of their New Jersey house. Also, TMZ claimed the star would also retain her house in Florida. Hunter and Williams were married for approximately 22 years until they finally called it off for good.

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