Wendy Williams Addresses The Romance Rumors With William Selby Following Their Dinner Date

Wendy Williams Addresses The Romance Rumors With William Selby Following Their Dinner Date
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On her newest talk show episode, Wendy Williams addressed the romance rumors between her and jeweler William Selby. This comes after the two of them were seen on a dinner date, getting pretty flirty with one another.

So are they or aren’t they? Wendy Willimas wanted to make sure that people know she is actually still very much single a month after her divorce from Kevin Hunter was finalized.

William and Wendy enjoyed dinner together a few days ago before also stopping by a studio to show some support to rapper Blac Papi.

During her Hot Topics segment, Wendy addressed the speculations, telling her audience that ‘Will is my friend we aren't a couple and I do not have a boyfriend, that is it. If I did I would not have been out with Will.’

But it’s pretty undeniable that they looked like a couple during the outing, especially since it looked like they had matched their wardrobe and Wendy explained why that was.

‘I was at the studio for only like 35 minutes. I was with my friend, who's also my jeweler, Will. He has made a couple of pieces for me. I like Will a lot, he is involved with his family and he has got a whole other life. No, we didn't plan to dress alike. A lot of you said, ‘You looked like a couple.’ No, we aren't a couple! … Yeah, we are huddled like this in the studio because it is cold in there… the studio's about the size of my chair… Next thing you know there are accusations being thrown,’ the host shared.

Wendy did tease her followers a lot previously, sharing updates and pictures from the dinner and then from the studio, that showed the two having Italian dinner and then sitting close and resting their hands on each other’s knees while at the studio.

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