Welcome To The Dollhouse Alum Matthew Farber Passes Away

Welcome To The Dollhouse Alum Matthew Farber Passes Away
Credit: Source: IMDB.com

Matthew Farber, who appeared in several cult classics over the years, including Natural Born Killers and Welcome to the Dollhouse , has died. TMZ and Movie Web reported on comments from his brother, Mark, who claimed the family became worried after having not heard from him in several days.

Farber's family called his landlord and asked for permission to gain access to his home in Van Nuys, California. When they went into the actor's house, they discovered him dead, although, it's not clear how he passed away at the age of 47-years.

The family claimed it "appears to be natural." Regardless of how he passed away, Mark released a statement to TMZ in which he described what Faber was like as a person, making the actor's death a lot more sad and tragic.

Paraphrasing the statement, Mark described his brother as a great man who had incredible talent and wit. Matthew was "abundantly aware," and could really pay attention a lot more than other people. He added that his ability to concentrate was truly exceptional.

According to MovieWeb, his career goes all the way back into the 1990s with television productions such as Darrow, in which he was given his first credited role. And just a few years later, he found work in Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers , written by Quentin Tarantino.

Later, he appeared in other popular series such as Law and Order and as Nigel Finch in Stonewall. However, the role that brought him increased fame was in the classic film, Welcome to the Dollhouse, which has gone down in movie history as one of the greats.

Around one decade later, he starred as Mark again in Palindromes . Over the years, he found work in television series such as Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and also On The Road . His last film, however, was The Devil You Know.

His career also extended into cinematography as well, including Into The Woods With Love. There's no question that Faber's contribution to cinema will be missed following his untimely and mysterious death.

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