Watch Stephen Colbert Hilariously Mock Steven Seagal 'Good Morning Britain' Take A Knee Interview

Watch Stephen Colbert Hilariously Mock Steven Seagal 'Good Morning Britain' Take A Knee Interview
Source: The Late Show With Stephen Colbert YouTube

Stephen Colbert of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert hilariously mocked Steven Seagal's recent interview with Good Morning Britain , where the actor discussed his views on the NFL and the "Take a Knee" social movement. Steven Seagal addressed the issue that when people want to watch a football game, they shouldn't have to be exposed to people making political protests.

He called the "Take a Knee" movement disgusting and an outrage. He discussed his patriotic views, but during the interview, it was pointed out that he lives in Moscow, and not only supports Donald Trump but Vladimir Putin as well.

You can watch Steven Segal's Good Morning Britain interview that went viral in the video player below.

It didn't take long before Stephen Colbert spoofed the interview. As soon as news of Steven Seagal's interview and his comments were made public, the video began to trend and go viral. Many people responded on social media with shock and dismay at the actor's comments. Though some agreed with his views, others took a completely different view.

As Stephen Colbert has been highly critical of President Trump and the Trump administration, and with questions of Russian collusion hanging over Trump's presidency, it wasn't a surprise that Stephen Colbert would take on the interview during his late night talk show.

Steven Seagal was actually in Moscow at the time of the interview as the actor holds Serbian, American, and Russian citizenship. He also discussed Trump and Putin strengthening their relationship during the interview. Many people found it odd that Steven Seagal was voicing American, patriotic views while the Kremlin was visible behind him.

Not only were Seagal's comments at issue, but his appearance caught many audience members off guard. Steven Seagal was seen wearing a black kimono type shirt with a black goatee. Stephen Colbert transformed into Seagal and even wore a fake goatee as he used Seagal's DVD movie covers to conduct his own spoof of the interview.

Social media viewers didn't remark solely on Seagal's comments, but also that he looked like he belonged in a James Bond movie as a villain.

You can watch Stephen Colbert as he takes on Steven Seagal's interview on Good Morning Britain in the video player below.


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