Watch 'Saturday Night Live' Season 44 Premiere With Adam Driver And Kanye West On-Demand — Show Takes On Brett Kavanaugh Hearings

Watch 'Saturday Night Live' Season 44 Premiere With Adam Driver And Kanye West On-Demand — Show Takes On Brett Kavanaugh Hearings
Source: Will Heath/NBC

Saturday Night Live Season 44 premiered on September 29, and like usual, it was met with plenty of controversies. The premiere did not shy away from political drama and this time it was the Brett Kavanaugh hearings that took center stage. Saturday Night Live chose Matt Damon to portray Brett Kavanaugh in the premiere's cold open. The Kavanaugh Hearings went viral this week with the entire nation tuning in to see the Supreme Court Justice nominee face sexual assault allegations from his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford. Actress Alyssa Milano was in the room while the hearings were underway. She also made somewhat of an appearance in the Saturday Night Live skit.

Adam Driver hosted but events from the Kavanaugh hearings were the running theme of the show. Driver delivered the  "End Of Summer Monologue" and was in a skit called "Coffee Shop."

Another skit that was a parody from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings was "80s Party." The Weekend Update also drew from Kavanaugh headlines.

Other Saturday Night Live skits include the "Neo-Confederate Meeting" and "Career Day."

Pete Davidson showed up to give an update on his engagement to Ariana Grande. He made fun of himself and said that no one could believe he was engaged to Ariana and stated he couldn't believe it himself.

The "Fortnite Squad" skit has done very well on YouTue.

You can watch the entire show on-demand at the official NBC website.

Not all of Saturday Night Live's premiere acts have been met favorably. Besides those from across the political aisle who were offended at the Brett Kavanaugh portrayal, others took shots at Kanye West's musical performances. Some said they were baffled and simply confused.

Kanye West announced before the show that he has changed his name to Ye. But for all intents and purposes, it appears people are still calling him Kanye.

Kanye West, Lil Pump, and Adele Givens performed "I Love It" live and the response has been mixed. Some feel that the performance was downright bad.

One person left the following comment on the official YouTube video.

"This looked like a high school comedy rap duo that's entire existence is tongue in cheek."

Another person stated this.

"Me(listening to the original): woah, theres [sic] no way this song could ever get any worse! SNL:.....hold my beer."

This comment is one of the most critical.

"This just proves Ye has no real ppl in his corner. Because, [sic] somebody should have told him this was an epic fail. Idc if it was a performance, or a skit. It was painstakingly awful and everyone who gave this a green light needs to be fired."

Kanye's second musical performance fared better. He teamed up with Teyana Taylor for the song "We Got Love." The fans praised Teyana's performance and overall, it seemed people responded more favorably to this performance than they did to "I Love It."

Many people were disappointed that Kanye was performing songs before the release of a new album.

Did you watch Saturday Night Live's premiere episode? What do you think of the performances and skits?


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