Watch Kaia Gerber And Cindy Crawford Speak At Vogue's Forces Of Fashion Conference

Watch Kaia Gerber And Cindy Crawford Speak At Vogue's Forces Of Fashion Conference
Credit: Source: Cindy Crawford/Instagram

Cindy Crawford and her look-alike daughter Kaia Gerber spoke together at the Vogue Forces of Fashion conference where they gave their unique insight into the modeling industry and especially how it has changed with the advent of social media. First off, it is clearly evident that Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber have a very healthy and wonderful relationship. Though they aren't the only mother and daughter team of models, they are unique in the aspect that Kaia looks so much like her mother, has landed the same magazine covers throughout her career, and has reached supermodel status.

Anyone interested in a modeling career would find the expertise and insight provided by both Cindy and Kaia a fascinating video to watch. Vogue has also changed since it first launched 127 years ago and Kaia also spoke about inappropriate behavior and how she has seen more people in the industry treat her with respect and more importantly, respect for her body and her boundaries.

Cindy Crawford spoke about feeling pressured into a nude modeling shoot that she still feels somewhat violated by and regrets doing because she didn't have a vote in it.

You may see the full interview featuring Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford in the video player below.

Kaia Gerber spoke about the role social media has played in changing the modeling landscape. She pointed out that when she looks at past photos of her mother, such as one of her 17 Vogue covers, she realizes those are the only photos that were publicized for the campaign.

When Cindy Crawford modeled, there was no social media or a daily influx of photos pouring in for public viewing of Cindy's every moment.

Though Cindy was able to help Kaia with her career and helped her understand much of the nuances, she couldn't help Kaia navigate the world of social media.

Cindy and Kaia both agreed that they are helping each other navigate both worlds as the modeling industry has changed, yet in many areas remains the same.

Cindy Crawford said she couldn't take all of the credit for her daughter being awesome, but she would take some. Kaia looked at her mother and said that her mother led by example.

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