Watch Alex Rodriguez Slay Jennifer Lopez's Choreography With Daughter Natasha!

Watch Alex Rodriguez Slay Jennifer Lopez's Choreography With Daughter Natasha!

He is a really supportive boyfriend, no wonder Jennifer Lopez is so into him! The superstar took to social media yesterday to share a video of her significant other Alex Rodriguez and Natasha, his 12-year-old daughter, trying to dance along while watching her All I Have Las Vegas show.

As he was attempting to keep up with J.Lo.’s fierce choreo, the man couldn’t help but show a big smile.

Lopez was impressed as well as amused, and she couldn't help but share the footage.

‘This made my night ❤️❤️❤️Tashi and Daddy coming thru with the #ography #waitingfortonight #Allihave #Vegas,’ Lopez captioned the Insta clip.

On the other hand, Rodriguez often finds himself just as unable to not gush about his girlfriend.

Today, the man shared a vid of Lopez singing Faithful by Journey following the show and captioned it ‘Beautiful.’

Last week while he was in attendance at the New York Fashion Week, the athlete opened up about his two daughters 9-year-old Ella and 12-year-old Natasha’s super special relationship with Lopez.

He explained that both of them love and admire her a lot and Jennifer is a great role model for them.

Apparently, everything that J.Lo. does, they want to do as well, which is not a bad thing considering how successful and yet down to earth she is.

She directs, produces, sings and dances and the girls want to follow in her footsteps more and more as they grow up. Talk about female empowerment!

Rodriguez also added that what many people are not aware is the fact that she is also a great athlete and businesswoman and that he is the luckiest dad ever, precisely because he's able to have his daughters spend time with someone so amazing.

What did you think about Rodriguez and Natasha’s dance moves?

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