Watch Abby Lee Miller Breakdown Over Her Cancer Battle During 'Dance Moms' Taping

Watch Abby Lee Miller Breakdown Over Her Cancer Battle During 'Dance Moms' Taping
Source: CNN

Although Dance Moms has not officially been picked up for a new season, that has not stopped star Abby Lee Miller from moving forward. After spending time in prison for fraud and being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma , it’s no wonder that the controversial star got emotional during a recent taping.

While shooting a confessional for her dance-based reality show, insiders revealed that Miller opened up about her cancer battle and even took off her wig. They went on to reveal that she is currently using a wheelchair and may never be able to walk again.

Her breakdown comes on the heels of news that her life in prison was very lonely.

During her first two months, no one visited her, she had to hire a body guard, and she moved to a different housing unit. A source from inside the prison told Radar Online that Miller did not have anyone come see her during her first two months, and she was as unpopular on the inside as she is in the free world.

“No one likes her because she thinks that she is better than everyone. She continues to sit in her cell and when she is able to, she loves to watch herself on TV. But her only real friends so far are her paid bodyguard and a few others that are willing to kiss her a**. She is one of the most hated women inside Victorville and she still has a long time to go.”

The source went on to say that Miller mainly keeps to herself and cries a lot.

Since she had money “on her books”, which is prison slang for having money in your account to spend at the prison store, Miller was able to keep safe by using commissary items to pay another inmate to protect her.

Apparently, Miller got into a shouting match with another inmate not long after she arrived at camp, because people were tired of her diva ways and her constant crying.

However, the paid protection couldn’t save Miller from getting moved to a “condo,” which is what the inmates call the more secluded housing unit. They are basically two-person concrete cubicles, with 8-foot walls, bunk beds, two chairs, and a desk. The inside source says Miller was moved there because she had so many enemies.

Abby Lee Miller served a 366-day sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

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