Was 'Vanderpump Rules's James Kennedy Caught Doing Cocaine In Public?

Was 'Vanderpump Rules's James Kennedy Caught Doing Cocaine In Public?
Credit: Source: ET

Jax Taylor and James Kennedy's feud has been at an all-time high lately. It seems that the 39-year-old may have sabotaged his co-star by saying that he was caught doing cocaine.

On March 5, the RBF podcast Instagram page seemingly posted a video that appeared to be of James Kennedy doing the powder drug. It received likes from his 'Vanderpump Rules' co-stars Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor.

If that wasn't enough verification, Jax then commented and insinuated that it was taken during a recent trip to Oklahoma.

The DJ immediately commented: "THIS IS NOT ME."

The profile took down the clip and posted a photo of a smirking Taylor alongside a caption that read: "My face after knowing we got jax’d this afternoon. Shoutout to @itsjameskennedy & sorry we believed anything @mrjaxtaylor would tell us. He lead me to believe that video was real then deleted his comments! @stassischroeder now I can officially say I’ve been JAXED also."

This takes Jax and James' feud to new levels.


The show was filmed months ago but the drama between the two lives on to this day.

The last public spat Jax and James had was earlier this year via Twitter where James allegedly tweeted that Jax has been a sad man after the passing of his father.

Taylor retweeted a screenshot of the insult and added: "Sad human being, I told you he’s his own worst enemy. I feel bad for the little boy/child. He’s basically telling you all what kind of person he is."

After Kennedy claimed he was hacked and apologized to his co-star.

Brittany Cartwright's fiance then tweeted: "Keep your fake a** apology homie, I know bravo made you do this we aren’t idiots, know your role in life and keep your mouth shut. You will always be on the bottom of the totem pole in life until you figure your s*** out. You’re a sad miserable human being I feel bad for you."

Do you think the Bravolebrities will ever get along?


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