Was Taylor Swift Booed At Her Childhood Friend's Wedding?

Was Taylor Swift Booed At Her Childhood Friend's Wedding?
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Taylor Swift can't get a break at all these days! As CI readers know, the pop star went to her childhood friend's wedding this past weekend, Abigail Anderson. The star was one of the bridesmaids for the event at Martha's Vineyard.

According to reports, fans of the pop-sensation waited just outside of the church hoping they could see the 27-year-old in the flesh.

The Grammy-Award winner wanted the day to be perfect for Abigail; so she tried to hide behind a sheet created by her bodyguards.

However, Taylor's fans booed her and screamed: "put the sheet down!"

We can't help but feel a little bad for the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer, as she was just trying to go to her friend's wedding without being bothered.

Taylor wasn't able to avoid the photographers and paparazzi, and there were a few pictures taken of her as she walked into the church.

However, Swift was able to remain calm among the rude and invasive paparazzi so she could give a speech in honor of her friend.


And how did she look?

Taylor was channeling old-school "Taylor" vibes, with a maroon halter gown and a sweetheart neckline.

She wore red lipstick and a pendant necklace.

It was "basic," as they say, but then again, the bridesmaid doesn't want to steal all of the attention, regardless of who it is!

The star was hoping she could avoid being the center of attention because after all, the day is supposed to focus on the bride, Abigail, and not about her.

But it looks like fans just don't understand this simple fact, as when Taylor exited the church and hopped into an SUV, the crowd's temperament soured, and the booing started.

A person shouted, "Taylor, we love you!" Another person was evidently upset, screaming, "we thought you loved your fans."

Her fans need to tone it down a notch!

It's a common complaint among celebrities and people in the public's eye; fans often have a sense of entitlement, like they know the person and are entitled to a photo or a handshake. Have some sense people!

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