Was Prince Harry Heartbroken To See Prince Charles Holding Prince Louis On His Birthday?

Was Prince Harry Heartbroken To See Prince Charles Holding Prince Louis On His Birthday?
Credit: Source: House of Windsor

The photo is heartbreaking. Prince Charles is holding Prince Louis in his arms and you can feel the love that the grandfather has for his grandson is evident. Though it is beautiful, it is heartbreaking because Windsor House published the photo right before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrated Archie's first birthday — without his royal family. Many feel that Prince Harry is heartbroken that he moved to the United States with Meghan and is now prohibited due to the Coronavirus of seeing his royal grandparents and his father. Archie is growing up without the presence of his cousins, his Uncle William and Aunt Kate, and most of all his grandfather Prince Charles. Now, a new report from the New Zealand publication Woman's Day, published on May 18, 2020, says that when Prince Harry saw the beautifully touching photo, it was like a dagger through his heart.

A source was quoted as saying the following.

"It was a jarring reminder that his own child will grow up without a bond with his paternal grandfather. It's a side effect of Harry's quick move to LA he never considered. Regardless of how this all plays out, Harry will always love his dad and is terribly sad Archie won't get to know him the same way."

When Meghan and Prince Harry planned their Megxit, the borders were still open and there was plenty of free travel back and forth. Now the borders have been closed, many people are under self-quarantine and Prince Charles even had the deadly Coronavirus.

Though many are worried about how the move has affected Prince Harry's emotional health, one can only imagine how staying would have impacted Meghan's. Meghan was already suffering in the Royal Family. If she had been forced to stay there and be unable to see her family and friends due to the Coronavirus, it may have pushed her to the point of no return.

Someone was going to be hurt by the move and Prince Harry loved Meghan Markle enough to be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice.

But that doesn't mean the move wasn't painful and that seeing photos like the ones of Prince Charles with Prince Louis doesn't hurt Prince Harry.

What do you think about Woman's Day report? Do you believe the source?

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