Was Kenny Chesney really gay or not?

Was Kenny Chesney really gay or not?
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Just five months after Renee Zellweger married Kenny Chesney, which happened in 2005, the actress shocked everybody when she asked for an annulment. What was even more surprising was the fact that she listed fraud as the reason for canceling the marriage. Speculations at the time had it that singer Kenny Chesney was in fact gay and Renee only found out about it after she said "I do".

Now, 11 years later, Renee opened the subject in an interview she gave for The Advocate, clearing out the gossip that surrounded their break-up. She said that she had actually forgot about it and that she finds this sad. Even so, she somehow defended her ex, saying that it was sad that people used this situation as an excuse to call someone gay in a pejorative manner. Also, she said that she thinks it's a problem that people had to create a story for this situation at all.

However, she said she is "old-fashioned" and that she doesn't want to do her dirty laundry in public. She also added that she declared everything she needed to declare on this topic, leaving no space for other talks. She further explained that she sees no dignity in sharing personal stuff with the public and that it's better to let go of negative things.

Reality showed that they both agreed to list fraud as the reason for the annulment because it was the "least harmful" option there. Chesney declared in 2007 that it might have been a better idea to publicly declare that he was not gay, but he did not want to draw even more attention to this issue. Moreover, in a romantic plot twist, he said that he really loved her and that he wishes they got a divorce instead of the annulment since it would have been much easier that way.


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