Was Conor Kennedy Left Off the Hook by the Police because of His Name?

Was Conor Kennedy Left Off the Hook by the Police because of His Name?
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Conor Kennedy is the latest of his family to get jail time but does he receive special treatment behind bats because of his family name?

The 22 year old was recently caught by the Aspen Police and arrested for disorderly conduct. However, sources close to the family claim the man is being treated extra nicely by the cops.

Conor Kennedy is Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s son and he is also known for having dated Taylor Swift. On Tuesday, Conor was taken to the Pitkin County Jail because he was involved in a fight at around 1:40 A.M. at Bootsy Bellows.

According to the Aspen Police, “Officer Andrew Atkinson and a man later identified as John Conor Kennedy fell into a snowbank as Atkinson tried to break up the fight.”

The fight got out of control and escalated so much that even after the policemen arrived and tried to intervene, Conor did not stop and continued “throwing approximately four or five punches to the head,” of another man.

He was let go easily with just the charge of disorderly conduct regardless of the gravity of his offense and now critics are wondering whether or not his family name had anything to do in the leniency with which he was punished.

“Often with municipal court, when we believe the person is going to show up, we release them,” explained Aspen Detective Jeff Fain.

With that being said, the Detective stated that Conor Kennedy has already been released after going through the standard procedures.

“Kennedy was released with no bond. He was booked, fingerprinted and had his mugshot taken and was served with a summons, which is promise to appear in court. This is standard practice with our municipal court. There was no bond process. We feel like he will return.”

The court trial is going to take place in Aspen on February 22, 2017. Until then, Conor is free to do whatever he wants.


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