Was Ben Affleck Really Ditched By Matt Damon When He Got Sober?

Was Ben Affleck Really Ditched By Matt Damon When He Got Sober?
Credit: Source: Entertainment Tonight

Ben Affleck's struggles with alcoholism have been well documented. The actor's latest trip to rehab last summer was at the behest of his former wife, Jennifer Garner. Affleck has remained sober ever since getting out of treatment, which has sadly cost him one of his best friends in Matt Damon.

Inside sources claim that Damon does not enjoy hanging out with Affleck now that he has quit drinking. Damon does not consider himself an alcoholic and can drink without it affecting his life, but hanging out with a sober Affleck just isn't the same for The Martian star.

"It’s not like Matt’s getting drunk and getting in the car – he likes to drink responsibly," a source revealed. "But his drinking has absolutely limited the amount of time he can spend with Ben, who’s trying to lead a sober life."

According to The Hollywood Gossip , Damon now spends the majority of his time hanging out with Chris Hemsworth, who is more than willing to throw back a few beers. Damon also likes how he doesn't have to watch what he drinks with Hemsworth, something he constantly worries about whenever Affleck is around.

Insiders close to Damon say the rumors are untrue. In fact, one source claims that Damon is thrilled about Affleck's sobriety and could not be happier for his best friend. This matches up with Damon's reputation as a genuinely nice guy and the fact that he and Affleck have been good buddies for years.

Affleck has been staying away from alcohol by immersing himself in his work. He has also made changes to his life that better support his sobriety. This includes getting back with SNL producer, Lindsay Shookus . The couple's relationship went poorly the first time because of Affleck's drinking, and sources say that things are going a lot smoother now that he's sober.

Affleck also enjoys the support from his former wife and the mother of his three children, with whom he separated from in the spring of 2015. Despite their divorce, Garner and Ben Affleck have been co-parenting well together and are giving their children everything they need to succeed.

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