Wale Believes That Record Labels Owe Artists By Helping Them Through Mental Health Struggles

Wale Believes That Record Labels Owe Artists By Helping Them Through Mental Health Struggles
Credit: Source: TheSource.com

According to a report from TMZ, Wale believes that record labels should help out struggling artists with mental health issues. The rapper was on TMZ Live on Friday where he explained that part of an artist's contract should include some kind of clause in which the label guarantees therapy or some kind of mental wellness activity.

The star said that it would be a great idea for record labels to stand by their artists during the ups and downs. There's no question he's passionate about the topic, because he even dropped his new record, Wow...That's Crazy , on World Mental Health Day.

According to Wale, in the modern era, a star's life is continuously under the microscope, the good and the bad moments, many of which, are often exaggerated and sensationalized to the point of madness.

On account of the fact labels make so much money from their artists, he began, they should provide some kind of support in return.

As fans of the rapper know, he has been more than open regarding his struggles with depression and revealed that his new record touches on that.

At the moment, the star is in the middle of his Everything Is Fine tour, which will stop on the 28th of October in Seattle. Moreover, his song, "On Chill," was #1 on Billboard's Urban Radio this past week.

In addition to getting real about mental health awareness, Wale sat down with the hosts from The Breakfast Club to explain the way in which women purportedly teach men things about themselves. The rapper said on the show that he has always been "big on women's intuition."

While he had nothing but nice things to say about women and relationships, the hosts of the show couldn't get him to reveal whether or not he was dating someone at the moment. However, there are some murmurs in the industry that he's been dating a "light-skinned" girl. Near the ending of the chat, Wale did shout out to his girl but never revealed her name.

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