Waka Flocka Gives Up Hip Hop; He Admits That He Just Wants To Be A Good Husband - Fans Applaud His Choice

Waka Flocka Gives Up Hip Hop; He Admits That He Just Wants To Be A Good Husband - Fans Applaud His Choice
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Waka Flocka has some news for his fans. The latest reports say that he's dropping music and he just wants to focus on being a good husband.

The Shade Room reported that Waka Flocka 'was cashing in on his beefs going into the new year. He said he was da-done-done!'

Now, it seems that he says he’s been done with the hip-hop game and also has plans to make a baby next year.

'I been gave it up,' he told TMZ’s Raquel Harper about his rap career, according to TSR.

He claims that he did what he came to do in the game, and now it’s time for the things that are next.

'I did what I came to do. I made past 30 million dollars, everybody that I started with is rich, everybody's happy, everybody's got, kids... My right hand man that was running the streets with me is a pastor, life changed for me. People want me to be hard in the paint, why? I'm 32-years-old, I'm a grown a** man' Waka said.

TSR reported that Waka admits that he just wants to be a good husband.

His fans seem to understand his choice, and they're not judging him.

Someone said 'If his passion were music, the music would have evolved with him. To me, he’s basically saying I came in the game at the right time in music to get straight. Rap is in a different place now, then it was when he was hit. Good 4 him.'

Another follower posted 'Y’all throwing shade in the comments, but this man still won’t have to lift a finger whether the industry “gave him up” or not. Ya crazy if you think he still ain’t cashing checks from No Hands alone ??‍♀️'

One other commenter said that they are proud of Waka: 'I'm very proud of him. Sometimes it's time 2 grow up & change. Settle down and be a man 2 ur wife. Grown man status.'

One person wished the best to his family: 'Growth, and that’s beautiful. They have a beautiful family blessings to them❤️.'

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