Waka Flocka Flame Says Donald Trump Is A Better President Than Barack Obama And People Drag Him For It!

Waka Flocka Flame Says Donald Trump Is A Better President Than Barack Obama And People Drag Him For It!
Credit: Source: xxlmag.com

Waka Flocka Flame is the latest celebrity showing support to the controversial president! The rapper took to social media to shock a lot of people by comparing Donald Trump to the previous POTUS, Barack Obama , arguing that Trump is the better president out of the two!

In response, many dragged and mocked him for claiming such a thing!

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That’s right! Waka Flocka got some backlash and it sparked from his need to confess his belief that Donald Trump is the superior president when compared to Barak Obama!

This surprising opinion was shared in the comment section of a video posted by DJ Akademiks.

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The clip showed Trump getting totally owned by Obama in a speech from October 22 and Waka’s comment was in response to a fan writing that anyone who believes Donald Trump is better at the highest job in the country is a complete clown!

‘Guess I’m a clown,’ the rapper wrote, adding a laughing emoji as well.

Soon after, the shade started coming in, people holding nothing back when roasting Waka for his unusual opinion.

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Akademiks’ followers called him out, writing things like: ‘U used to be so cool and progressive, wtf happened to you.’ / ‘You just received your doctorate dawg you’re a smart brother.’ / ‘Do some research next home big homie. Obama couldn’t do anything because Republicans controlled the Senate and Congress. I guess you support a president that put kids in cages, has made so much people lose most due to the way he handled this pandemic. A man that called us thugs and incites violence against us when we protesting the killing of unarmed black men. Next time think before you speak.’


Many others did not go into as much detail about why the rapper was wrong but they assured him that they agreed he is a ‘clown’ for supporting Donald Trump.


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