Wack 100 Claims The Game's Sexual Assault Accuser Does Not Own Born 2 Rap Royalties - He Doesn't 'Owe Her A Dime'

Wack 100 Claims The Game's Sexual Assault Accuser Does Not Own Born 2 Rap Royalties - He Doesn't 'Owe Her A Dime'
Credit: Source: AllHipHop.com

Wack 100 recently came out to say he wasn't about to give up royalties from any of his projects. Following a court ruling that awarded Priscilla Rainey all of the royalties from The Game's Born 2 Rap album, Wack 100 argued he was, in fact, the owner of the royalties and wouldn't be handing over any of that money.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, it was reported by multiple outlets that The Game was ordered to cough up the earnings from his Born 2 Rap album for sexually assaulting Priscilla in 2015 during the taping of She Got Game , his reality series.

The court awarded her $7,130,100 in the 2016 judgment but The Game, who used to work with 50 Cent, refused to show up to court and never paid a cent. Reportedly, Rainey was given the rights to the royalties and also has control over the independent label, LA Prolific.

Wack 100, who works as The Game's manager and also had credits on Born 2 Rap, questioned the legitimacy of the ruling because he is the one who owns the royalties, or so he claims.

Wack screenshotted one of the headlines which claimed Rainey won the court case and was awarded rights to Born 2 Rap , but denied owing her any money. He wrote in the caption of the Instagram upload, "And I don't owe the b*tch a dime."

Wack 100 went on to say that he had all of the royalties in his "little ole portfolio," and they're going to stay right there. As it was previously reported, Priscilla Rainey sued The Game in 2015 after he supposedly assaulted her during his reality TV show.

The Game denied the accusations and never bothered going to the trial either. The rapper has stated repeatedly that he wasn't going to pay her any money, moreover, he also filed an appeal but the original conviction was upheld.

In the Instagram post above, Priscilla showed off a pile of money leading fans to believe she did get paid, however, it's not clear where the money came from.

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