Vivica Fox Lets Bygone Be Bygones And Accepts Kenya Moore's Apology

Vivica Fox Lets Bygone Be Bygones And Accepts Kenya Moore's Apology
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Fans of both Real Housewives of Atlanta and Celebrity Apprentice will recall one of he biggest feuds on the show that was hosted by Donald Trump where Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox were nearly at each other's throats. After initially not wanting to accept Kenya's apology, it seems that Vivica has changed her tune.

Kenya told Wendy Williams last year: 'Before we did Celebrity Apprentice ,  we were friends. And I recently heard her say that I had hurt her, and I had never heard her say that before. And as a woman hearing that, it really broke my heart because I do have love for Vivica even though we beef.  To me, it was superficial. But, I wanted to apologize to her, and I still do, but she didn’t take my phone call.'

Kenya also told Andy Cohen that she reached out to their mutual friend Claudia Jordan to apologize but Fox was not ready to accept it yet.

However, it seems that it has been enough time for the Two Can Play That Game actress. While visiting the clubhouse, Andy asked how she feels about the situation now.

'Her breasts look great. That’s all I wanna say. I’m kidding. Kenya is a beautiful woman, and, yes, I am ready to let bygones be bygones. She went through Claudia [Jordan], issued an apology. At that time I was grateful for that, but at the time when she did it I wasn’t ready. But now I love seeing Kenya with her daughter. Her daughter is so cute and it looks like she got beef with other people, so Vivica is good.'

Last month, the Cocktails With Queens host extended an invite to the RHOA on her talk show.

Many people were glad to see that this feud is finally being put to rest after nearly half of a decade.


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