Vivica A. Fox Invites Kenya Moore On Her Podcast To Discuss Their Beef After The ‘RHOA’ Star Apologizes

Vivica A. Fox Invites Kenya Moore On Her Podcast To Discuss Their Beef After The ‘RHOA’ Star Apologizes
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While a guest on her talk show, Wendy Williams put Vivica A. Fox in the ‘hot seat’ and that is when she insisted that she owes Kenya Moore no apologies! Furthermore, she went on to invite Kenya on her podcast so they can finally discuss their feud in person!

As fans know, the two women have been at war ever since 2015 when the actress and reality star was on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Before the show, Kenya and Vivica were, in fact, friends but at the end of the competition that changed and they became enemies.

Ever since then, they have been dissing one another a lot!

But, during her virtual appearance on the Wendy Williams Show, Vivica admitted that after all these years 'I’m willing, at this point, to let bygones be bygones.'

Vivica saying this came after the host pointed out that Kenya Moore has already publicly apologized back in December.

'I don’t owe her an apology she stole me phone. She has a beautiful, new daughter. We as grown women should now move on. I accept her apology, but I've no reason to apologize to her. But I would be willing for her to come on Cocktails with Queens so we can talk about it,' she went on to say, inviting Kenya on her podcast to talk about their past and possibly, finally make peace!

Sure enough, while on Wendy's talk show back in December, Kenya talked about their feud as well and took this opportunity to apologize to Vivica for what happened between them in the past.


The RHOA star said, in part, that 'Vivica and I before Celebrity Apprentice we were friends, and I heard her say recently that I'd hurt her and I'd never heard her say that before, and as a woman, it broke my heart because I have love for Vivica even though we beef. And to me, it was superficial but I wanted to apologize and I still do but she did not take my call. I’m so sorry that I hurt her.'


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