Vivica A. Fox Insinuates NeNe Leakes Might Be Using Drugs!

Vivica A. Fox Insinuates NeNe Leakes Might Be Using Drugs!
Credit: BET

NeNe Leakes' fans got really upset following the latest news involving Vivica A. Fox! The latter suggested that NeNe might be using drugs, and this came right after her decision to seek therapy following RHOA.

The Shade Room revealed all the available details on the situation. Check out the news below.

TSR writes that Vivica 'has not been playing nice with the housewives, and this time she has some questions about #NeneLeakes! Nene recently announced she’s seeking therapy following the treatment she’s received as a castmember in #RHOA, but Vivica is not too sure that’s the real reason!'

A follower said: 'Vivica Fox is discussing the highest-paid star on the show with someone that got fired. Girl move around,' and one commenter responded: 'Kenya and Nene should be the highest-paid they make the show lol Khandi is boring I don’t know how tf she the highest paid. Lol.'

Another Instagrammer said that they have 'been watching the show Nene may be the longest on the show but Kandi is carrying the biggest purse and they are way deeper than yr girl @neneleakes Bloop✌️'

Someone else said: 'she needs to stop every couch she sits on or relevant conversation she has! she is constantly brought up 50 Cent for over 10yrs now🤯🥴she needs a little couch it sit on Queen get over it.'

A fan defended NeNe and said: 'Never accuse someone of using drugs if you don’t know for fact,' and someone else who is waiting for a reaction from NeNe posted this: 'Bruhhhh nene about to tear her to pieces!'

A commenter said: 'This is not the first time ppl said that Nene is using drugs, I'm all for black women but nene do be acting like pookie from new jack city sometimes.'

Other than this, NeNe's fans had a few things to say when she showed off a different look recently .

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