Viola Davis Says Reports Are Untrue That She Bought Her Old Childhood Home

Viola Davis Says Reports Are Untrue That She Bought Her Old Childhood Home
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New reports indicated that Viola Davis had purchased an old plantation home for herself, but Viola came out on her Instagram account to deny the reports. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a social media post from Davis in which she clarified her situation with just a few words.

On the 11th of August, it was reported that she bought the home in which her mother gave birth to her. The outlet says the house is sitting on a former plantation in South Carolina. Davis wrote on her account that it was the "birthplace" of her story.

She said, "today on my 55th year of life, I own it, all of it." Reports went wild claiming she had purchased the home and now owned the house she was born in. Davis denied ever having bought the house, she was just saying she "owned" her story.

During an old interview with People Magazine, Viola explained how her grandfather was actually a sharecropper on the plantation. In 2016, she said she went back there to visit it for a short amount of time, but she's not aware of the history.

Davis went on to say that most of her uncles and cousins were farmers, and it was a life they chose willingly. She claims her grandmother's house was a "one-room shack." She has one picture of it on her phone because she thinks it's "beautiful."

Earlier this year, Viola was in the headlines after a 4-year-old girl complained about being ugly. Her post went viral on social media, however, the 4-year-old, Ariyonna, found support in very high places, including from Davids and Michelle Obama.

Amid hairstyling from the rapper, Shabria Redmond, Ariyonna saw what her face looked like in the mirror on Instagram Live and she claimed, "I'm so ugly." Shabria went on to tell her that she wasn't ugly, and the post went viral on social media.


Viola Davis joined Obama and other celebrities who shouted out to Ariyonna for being such a brave, beautiful, little girl.

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