Viola Davis Reveals She Is A ‘Little Scared’ To Play Michelle Obama In Showtime's First Ladies

Viola Davis Reveals She Is A ‘Little Scared’ To Play Michelle Obama In Showtime's First Ladies
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Viola Davis is revealing she is a "little scared" to play Michelle Obama in the upcoming Showtime series, First Ladies. The iconic actress has taken on a slew of roles that have proven she is one of the most talented women in Hollywood.

How To Get Away With Murder fans are fully aware Davis kills each week as Annalise Keating. Davis is saying goodbye the Keating and company when the ABC show ends next year after six seasons.

However, the talented star is not going to be unemployed. Davis is set to tackle one of her most challenging roles to date, playing the beloved Obama matriarch.

Davis stopped by Entertainment Tonight to discuss her new series, as well as the one coming to an end.

"I'm always intrigued by the first ladies. I'm always intrigued by the person who doesn't get as much attention as the other person. And I don't wanna say 'the women behind the men,' the women beside the men, what their sacrifices are…their day-to-day," the 54-year-old, who is also an executive producer on the show, explained.

The actress indicated she feels like the role will be a make it or break it one for her career.

"Listen, here's the thing, you could either fail really big or succeed really big, and I feel this is my succeed very big or fail very big moment. I'm a little scared. I've met Michelle Obama and…exactly what you think she is, she is. She's awesome. She's awesome in every way. She's smart. She's confident. She's articulate. She believes in sisterhood," Davis expressed.

Obama has weathered situations no woman had ever faced before and did it with style, as well as grace.

"I think Michelle Obama really sacrificed a lot being in the White House, being the first lady, but being the first lady of color also, which is…who do you go to to learn that?" she said.

Viola Davis is nervous about playing Michelle Obama, which is why she has no intention of speaking to the former First ady until the series is over. The actress has met Obama before but wants to let the show's writing team craft an incredible story without interference.

There is one thing Davis hopes to accomplish at the end of First Ladies, and that is to honor Obama.

"I wanna honor her. I wanna honor her with this portrayal because that's what drama is. That's what we do as actors. We want to honor the human being. We don't want to give a portrayal that isn't easy for people to swallow," she shared.

If anyone can hit it out of the park playing the former First Lady it is Davis, don't you think?

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