Video Of Judge Greg Mathis And Detroit Valet Alleged Spitting Incident Revealed

Video Of Judge Greg Mathis And Detroit Valet Alleged Spitting Incident Revealed
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According to a report from, there exists video footage of the Judge Greg Mathis spitting incident, as the reality star had previously suggested to

The judge denied spitting on the Detroit valet driver who supposedly took 40 minutes to return his Rolls Royce to him after he stopped at a bar and grill for dinner.

TMZ managed to get their hands on the security footage of the altercation, and it shows that there was an incident between them. Previously, the judge said he and the man did have words with each other, however, at no point did he spit on the man.

As it was previously reported, the Detroit Valet accused the judge of spitting on him not once but twice, and the second time some of the salivae landed on his shirt. The man and his lawyer claimed they would conduct a DNA test to prove it.

Judge Matthis, on the other hand, claimed the interaction was merely verbal, and he never spat on him. The security footage, which you can see on YouTube below, appears to show the judge lunging his head forward, however, it can't be proven if he did spit or not from the video.

Reportedly, Mathis yells and points his finger at the man and he lunged at him repeatedly until another person pulled him away. While it's nearly impossible to determine if he did, indeed, spit on him, it's clear the incident between the two men was heated.

Thus far, Floods Bar and Grille, the restaurant where the incident took place, hasn't spoken on the matter. The police department said to People Magazine on Wednesday that they had responded to calls that a man had been spit on at the 700th block of St. Antoine Street.

The police, at the time, refused to reveal the identities of the individuals involved. Previously, Judge Greg Mathis responded to the allegation that the man was merely gone for 15 minutes, stating that it was actually much closer to 40 minutes. Moreover, Mathis denied spitting on him.

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