Victoria Gotti Claims 'It Would Take A Lot' For RHONJ Teresa Giudice To Leave Juicy Joe

Victoria Gotti Claims 'It Would Take A Lot' For RHONJ Teresa Giudice To Leave Juicy Joe
Credit: Source: NBC

Victoria Gotti values loyalty over just about anything, so it makes sense that she believes Teresa Giudice will stay by her husband’s side once he gets out of prison. Joe Giudice is almost done serving his time, after which he faces the very real threat of deportation – but Gotti still believes Teresa will avoid getting a divorce when it’s all said and done.

“I think it would take a lot for her to walk away from Joe and her life,” Gotti shared. “I don’t think Teresa is the type to give up, especially when it comes to Joe and the kids.”

Gotti told Page Six that she talks with the Real Housewives of New Jersey star all of the time, mainly through texts. While Teresa is going through a lot with Joe’s prison term and deportation , Gotti is confident they will remain together because of their shared history and children. Gotti did not completely rule out divorce, but she doesn’t believe Teresa is seriously considering it.

Teresa and Gotti, whose father was the notorious mobster John Gotti, became friends on the set of The Celebrity Apprentice . Joe, meanwhile, is about to finish his 41-month sentence behind bars. The RHONJ star is scheduled to get out in March and is facing deportation as soon as he becomes a free man.

Joe has filed an appeal to stop the deportation but has yet to receive a judgement in his favor. If Joe loses the appeal, he will be sent back to his native country of Italy, and sources claim that Teresa will not follow him.

If Joe is booted from the country, insiders claim that Teresa will get a divorce. In fact, the RHONJ star has reportedly been meeting with divorce attorneys in secret, just in case Joe is sent out of the United States. The source says that Joe’s children are also planning to stay stateside in the event of his deportation.

Teresa Giudice has not commented on Gotti’s statement or her husband’s impending deportation. New episodes of the Real Housewives of New Jersey air Wednesday nights on Bravo.


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