Victoria Beckham Was Intimidated By An Obsessive Fan Of David Beckham

Victoria Beckham Was Intimidated By An Obsessive Fan Of David Beckham
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David and Victoria Beckham spoke about Sharon Bell chasing them. Then, the stalker appeared before the court.

Sharon Bell, 58, has been charged with harassing the former Manchester United and England midfielder. The woman has been writing letters to the athlete since 2016, demanding to contact her.

She mistakenly believed that she was in a relationship with Beckham and that he and Victoria had stolen her eggs. Bell also lied about being Harper's mother.

Today, the celebrity couple's fears about their harassment campaign have been confirmed. First, Sharon was detained under the Mental Health Act.

District Judge Michael Snow ruled she was a danger to Harper, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz because she was "family obsessed."

Beckham denied that he had a relationship with Bell. He claimed that he had never seen her before. Victoria also spoke about her experiences.

The designer explained that due to the increased attention of fans to herself and other family members, she rarely goes to the police.

"Now she is afraid to go out, making her life difficult. So she worries, especially when Harper goes on school trips," prosecutor Arizuna Asante said.

Last July, Bell sent a handwritten letter to the Beckham home in Oxfordshire. She said that she planned to come in a few days. The woman confessed her love to the football player.

"I have your address from the detective agency. I hope you don't mind. I have feelings for you, David. Victoria owes me some money, David, because, according to her, she robbed my bank account for many years, which is not very nice," Sharon said in a letter.

Bell arrived at the couple's home on July 9 and was persistent. But she left after security said she had the wrong address. Another letter was mailed to the Beckhams' home in Holland Park before Bell showed up on September 9.




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