Victoria Beckham denied the information that she has been eating the same food for 25 years

Victoria Beckham denied the information that she has been eating the same food for 25 years
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In an interview with Vogue Australia, 48-year-old Victoria Beckham spoke honestly about her fitness regime and, of course, her daily diet.

The last point interested the journalist of the publication most of all. The thing is that at the beginning of this year, 47-year-old David Beckham gave an interview in which he stated that his wife had been eating only steamed fish and vegetables for 25 years. This is what helps her stay in such good physical shape.

After that, Victoria admitted that when she heard what David said about her diet, she rolled her eyes. She explained that his words had been misinterpreted. He meant that he had not met anyone who was more disciplined in eating.

But in addition to fish and vegetables, she adds healthy fats to the diet: avocados, nuts, and the like. She also takes skin supplements and adds collagen peptide powder to her morning coffee, but before doing so, she drinks a glass of water with apple cider vinegar.

Sometimes Posh Spice even allows herself to drink wine, especially since her husband loves wine and is well versed in it. By the way, now the couple is in Paris, where they celebrated 23 years of marriage.

And in one of the stories from this trip, David showed a bottle of special wine, which he ordered for a "special occasion."

In a previous post, Mrs. Beckham never forgets not only about cuticles but also about care products for one of the thinnest and most delicate areas-the skin around the eyes.

Before any event or filming, she always "puts on" patches for 10 minutes, which prepares her skin for makeup. Surprisingly, but true: Victoria does not divide face care products into day and night. She has one!




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