Victims Bash Life Coach Tony Robbins After He Shockingly Argues #MeToo Is For Attention-Seekers!

Victims Bash Life Coach Tony Robbins After He Shockingly Argues #MeToo Is For Attention-Seekers!

Tony Robbins shockingly stated that women have been using the well-known #MeToo hashtag as well as the Time’s Up movement just to ‘feel significant’ and as you can imagine, the response hasn’t been positive. The life coach should definitely know better than to attack the significant movements in the entertainment industry but not exclusively.

The clip in which Robbins criticized #MeToo did not take long to become viral and social media is furious.

It all started last month when NowThis posted a vid from a seminar during which Robbins mocked ‘victimhood’ and as a result, all of the survivors of sexual assault and harassment who have been using their voices to bring awareness to these issues by telling their stories.

‘If you use the #MeToo movement to try to get significance and certainty by attacking and destroying someone else, you have not grown an ounce. All you have done is basically use a drug called significance to make yourself feel good,’ the man said at the seminar.

Soon enough, many social media users slammed the motivational speaker for his ignorant remarks.

‘@TonyRibbons I did not share my story of gang rape to feel ‘significant,’ I shared it bc it was a SIGNIFICANT life altering and life-threatening event I could no longer remain silent about. #metoo,’ one user tweeted.

‘Gross @TonyRobbins. You could not be further from the mark. It is time for you to put down the mic and LISTEN,’ another wrote.

While addressing the crowd, Robbins claimed he was not actually ‘knocking the #MeToo movement,’ but was ‘knocking victimhood,’ arguing that ‘anger is not empowerment.’

Actress Daryl Hannah was especially upset about his anecdote about a ‘very powerful’ man who, because of Time’s Up, did not hire an attractive woman despite the fact that she was admittedly the most qualified person for that job.

‘If your famous pal cannot trust himself and/or his coworkers to behave respectfully and professionally around a qualified woman just because she is attractive then he has a personal or personnel problem it is not a problem of the #Metoo movement @TonyRobbins,’ the actress said.


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