Vicki Gunvalson Explains The Reason Why She And Tamra Judge Unfollowed Their Friend Shannon Beador!

Vicki Gunvalson Explains The Reason Why She And Tamra Judge Unfollowed Their Friend Shannon Beador!
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During a new interview, Vicki Gunvalson confirmed that she unfollowed her former friend, Shannon Beador because of her nemesis. As fans of the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies know, the two used to be really close but they have had a falling out and some were wondering what is going on, especially since Vicki, as well as the other member of the ‘Tres Amigas,’ Tamra Judge, unfollowed Shannon on Instagram not too long ago!

While having a chat with HollywoodLife, Vicki updated fans on where she stands with Shannon at this point and she also explained what happened that led to the unfollowing.

According to her, the move was ‘reactionary’ as she could not stand the fact that Kelly Dodd, aka Vicki’s enemy, was invited to dinner by Shannon like it was nothing.

In fact, the two women seemed to be having a double date with their partners and seemed quite friendly, much to the disappointment of Vicki, who felt betrayed.

She explained: ‘I love Shannon. She told me and I’ll whatever — It’s full disclosure — That she would never be friends with Kelly again because Kelly hurt her so bad and hurt me so bad and yada yada yada. And next thing you know she invited them over for dinner because they’re neighbors and it just hurt my feelings. I just thought, ‘You know what? If somebody treated you that bad I’m not going to say, ‘Just come on over.’’

‘And they were not even filming. It was just like, ‘Come on over for dinner.' So Tamra called me and she’s like, ‘I can’t believe that,’ and I’m like, ‘Well then I can’t believe it then!'’

Long story short, they both unfollowed their third friend and now they’re the ‘Dos Amigas!’

‘Then I texted Shannon because my birthday and her birthday are two days apart and she said, ‘Happy Birthday.’ So I think she’s still mad at me. But my phone’s not ringing! She hasn’t called me. The phone works two ways,’ Vicki went on to dish.


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