Vanna White Is Having A Blast Hosting Wheel Of Fortune But She's Not Out To Steal Pat Sajak's Job

Vanna White Is Having A Blast Hosting Wheel Of Fortune But She's Not Out To Steal Pat Sajak's Job
Credit: Source: Wheel of Fortune/YouTube

In 37 years, no one ever expected to see Vanna White step out from the back where she turned letters and move to the front to host the show. After Pat Sajak underwent emergency surgery for a blocked intestine, Vanna became the temporary host of the show. In what will be a three-week stint, Vanna has been hosting and fans are loving her. Though she is the first to tell everyone that she can't wait for Pat Sajak to fully recuperate and get back to the job, she's having a blast.

A new report by Star magazine quotes an inside source who dished on the details. The source also pointed out that Vanna did step in to fill Pat's shoes in 1996 when he had laryngitis.  But this is the first time she's hosted for any length of time. The insider shared that Vanna was extremely nervous about stepping into Pat's shoes.

"Oh, my gosh, that's an understatement — I was very nervous. It's been nerve-racking, but she's never had more fun. She's told Pat not to worry, she's not out to steal his job. In fact, she can't wait for him to get better and come back. They've talked a few times, and Pat, who's been watching the show every night, thanked her for taking over, knowing how shy of the spotlight she really is."

You may see a video of Vanna White hosting Wheel of Fortune in the player below.

Vanna has certainly come out of her comfort zone and risen up to the challenges she may have faced. She's expressed that the wheel is heavy and has received a little help when needed. She's also proved that even if you are a little shy or timid about something, not to let fear stand in your way.

Not only has Vanna White risen up to meet the need, but fans are also thrilled that Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse who has taken over Vanna's role of letter turners.

What do you think of Vanna White as Wheel of Fortune host? Are you looking forward to seeing Pat Sajak return to the job?


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