Vanessa Hudgens Searches For Her 'Vamp Daddy' In Stunning Halloween Costume!

Vanessa Hudgens Searches For Her 'Vamp Daddy' In Stunning Halloween Costume!
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Halloween is not yet here but Vanessa Hudgens is ready! The actress took to social media to share some stunning pics of her amazing Black Widow costume!

Vanessa Hudgens, just like a few other celebrities, is getting ready for Halloween pretty early on!

The star looked gorgeous and spooky at the same time as a black widow who was ‘searching for her vamp daddy’.

The eye catching costume got her a lot of attention online and it makes perfect sense as to why!

Hudgens can be seen wearing a figure flattering, long black dress with a low neckline and she totally rocked it!

Furthermore, to match the vibe, she rocked her black locks in a long style, with tight high rolled curls in the front.

As for the makeup, it perfectly completed the look, Vanessa rocking black eyeliner and a dark lipstick color.

In the caption of the first pic, Vanessa wrote: ‘THE BLACK WIDOW 🕷 made some Halloween magic by the insanely talented @franzszony , @michellehebertofficial on the gorgeous gown, mua @shablamgela, and coiffure @hisvintagetouch.’

This first snap shows the actress posing in a scary way, her eyes big while starring into the camera, in front of a red background and a massive black spider web.

‘What. A. Damn. Vibe. Also have something fun coming for y’all….😈🎃 ALSO Halloween playlist in my story,’ she went on to write.

As for the second photo, it is a close-up of her face while still in costume.

‘Searching for her vamp daddy 😈🖤,’ the caption reads and judging by how irresistible she looked while posing, it is safe to say she will not have any trouble finding him!


Soon after posting these snaps, fans flooded the comment section with praise and love, obviously impressed by the Halloween look she went for.

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