Vanessa Hudgens Meets Ashley Tisdale's Baby Girl And The Pics Are Adorable!

Vanessa Hudgens Meets Ashley Tisdale's Baby Girl And The Pics Are Adorable!
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Ashely Tisdale has introduced her baby girl, Jupiter, to her former High School Musical co-star and longtime friend, Vanessa Hudgens , and their first meeting was the cutest thing ever! That being said, the new mom took to her social media platform of choice, to share a couple of adorable pics of 'Aunt Nessa' and little 'Juju.'

As fans know, Ashely Tisdale welcomed her first child two months ago and now, it was finally time for her BFF, Vanessa Hudgens to meet this new member of the family!

After the sweet interactions happened, Ashely could not help but post some of the moments caught on camera, for the public to also gush over.

In the pics, Vanessa Hudgens can be seen holding Jupiter in her arms and the heartwarming connection between them is very clear!

Sure enough, Ashley thought the same as she wrote on her IG Stories alongside the shots that 'Juju and Aunt Nessa. Literally Jupiter opened her arms like hold me the minute she met Ness. It warmed my heart.'

Vanessa also took to her own platform to post one of the pics and alongside it, she wrote that 'I melt over this angel.'

Ashley Tisdale and her husband, Christopher French, welcomed their baby girl back in March.

The following month, Vanessa did mention in one interview for ET that she was looking forward to meeting little Jupiter.

'I am so excited to meet her and to sing to her because apparently she is really into that... I think it has been so challenging for everybody in these times to see people who you love. But I am very excited to meet little Jupiter.'


She also talked about the newborn's unique name, telling the news outlet that 'I love it. I think it is so cute. I feel like it was something Ash had for a minute, and she told me, and it got me so emotional because I was like, 'That is so unique, and precious, and celestial.' And I'm all about celestial.'


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