Vanessa Hudgens Is Dripping In Diamonds While Wearing A Heart Of Sun Two-Piece Bathing Suit, Body Chain

Vanessa Hudgens Is Dripping In Diamonds While Wearing A Heart Of Sun Two-Piece Bathing Suit, Body Chain
Credit: Source: Vanessa Hudgens/Instagram

Vanessa Hudgens was vacationing in the Turks and Caicos and continued to leave her fans in awe of her beauty as she shared photos and videos from her trip on her social media pages. Putting her flawless figure on display, Vanessa looked amazing wearing a bikini from Heart of Sun. The color choice is called Euphoria and the string bikini is called Swept Away. Vanessa paired the pale-blue bikini with a floppy, zebra-bucket hat from Lack of Color and draped herself in the stunning Jacquie Aiche 5-Diamond, gold body chain. Photos of Vanessa in the bathing suit as she frolicked in the ocean are going viral.

The Swept Away string bikini top and bottoms are sold separately and each cost approximately $69 individually. The bathing suit is made from Italian materials that are 78 percent recyclable products and 22 percent elastane. The print is in a watercolor design and the bathing suit dazzled in the sun as Vanessa showed off her incredible body.

The Lack of Color, zebra bucket hat costs approximately $100 and is made from terry cloth. The hat is cooling and provides direct protection from the sun. Vanessa was bare-faced and looked flawless as she shielded her eyes behind a pair of dark-lensed sunglasses with gold frames. She wore several pairs of ear jewelry including the Jacquie Aiche single diamond earrings that feature both a round diamond stud and a teardrop diamond bezel.  The earrings cost approximately $1040 and are handmade in 14 karat gold.

Vanessa wore a thick, gold chain link necklace along with the Jacquie Aiche, 31-Diamond, Emily necklace that costs approximately $6250.

Her jewelry was stunning but it was undoubtedly the Jacquie Aiche, 5-Diamond body chain that drew attention. The body chain costs approximately $10,750, and Vanessa was dripping in diamonds as she stood in the translucent water.

She wore what appeared to be another diamond in her belly button ring. You may see the photo that Vanessa Hudgens shared with her 38.7 million Instagram followers below.

What do you think about Vanessa Hudgens' bathing suit and body jewelry? Do you like the Jacquie Aiche 5-Diamond body chain?


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