Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler - Here's Why They Broke Up After Almost A Decade Together!

Vanessa Hudgens And Austin Butler - Here's Why They Broke Up After Almost A Decade Together!
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Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler were in a relationship for almost a decade but instead of taking it to the next level, the actor couple decided to put an end to it! Now, one insider reveals why they, allegedly, broke up!

Vanessa and Austin were together for a very long time but were they really?

As it turns out, they would hardly ever get to see each other because they are both so busy and that is a really difficult relationship to be in!

So, it seems like that was the main reason why they decided to call it quits after dating for no less than 9 years!

It’s no secret that both Vanessa and Austin have really successful acting careers and they would really keep them from spending enough quality time with one another.

Only in 2019, they were away from each other most of the year, Austin being in Atlanta where he filmed Bad Boys for Life while Vanessa was shooting The Knight Before Christmas in Canada and Ireland!

Furthermore, last summer it was announced that Austin had gotten the part of Elvis Presley in his biopic and that is, obviously, a big deal but also a lot of responsibility to have.

The insider dishes via HollywoodLife that ‘They had to spend too much time apart the last few months, that’s what did it. Vanessa was so busy with back to back projects that she was hardly home. And Austin has been just as busy with work. He’s doing a movie in Australia [Elvis biopic] and he’s had to be over there on and off for months doing pre-production. They are very good when they are together.’

However, being apart for months at a time can be really tough on any relationship.

They went on to explain that ‘They’ve made it through long periods before without seeing each other, but this time they didn’t. It’s really sad because they truly love each other. But it’s one of the hard realities of this business, it is very hard on relationships.’

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