Vanessa Bryant Reveals During Kobe's Eulogy That He Gifted Her The Iconic Blue Dress From The Notebook - 'We Really Had An Amazing Love Story'

Vanessa Bryant Reveals During Kobe's Eulogy That He Gifted Her The Iconic Blue Dress From The Notebook - 'We Really Had An Amazing Love Story'
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During the Celebration of Life event for Kobe and Gianna Bryant that took place in the Staples Center on Monday, Kobe’s grieving widow, Vanessa Bryant , gave the eulogies for her late husband and daughter. And, during her emotional speech, Vanessa revealed that Kobe gave her the iconic blue dress that Rachel McAdams wore in the 2004 romance classic The Notebook .

Vanessa told the crowd inside the Staples Center - as well as those who were watching around the world - that Kobe was quite the romantic when it came to their relationship, and he loved romantic movies, with The Notebook being one of his favorites.

“He gave me the actual notebook and the blue dress that Rachel McAdams wore in The Notebook movie,” explained Vanessa. “When I asked him why he chose the blue dress, he said it was because it’s the scene when Allie comes back to Noah. We had hoped to grow old together like in the movie -- We really had an amazing love story. We loved each other with our whole beings. Two perfectly imperfect people making a beautiful family and raising our sweet and amazing girls."

In 2013, Vanessa posted a picture on Instagram of the dress and shoes that McAdams wore in the film, which were in a frame and displayed on a wall in their home. She also added a screenshot from the scene that featured McAdams wearing the dress when she was kissing Ryan Gosling in the rain, plus a quote from the movie.

In the caption, Vanessa wrote that it was a #ThrowbackThursday post and it featured one of her favorite Valentine’s Day gifts from her husband. She wrote that it was the blue dress, shoes and “THE notebook” from the movie that he had gifted her years before.

Vanessa added that the notebook was actually a prop, but it still had sentimental value.

The emotional memorial for Kobe and Gianna Bryant featured a performance by Beyonce of her songs XO and Halo , which were two of Kobe’s favorites. Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera also performed during the ceremony. And, NBA stars Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal also addressed the crowd.

“How strong and how bold and how powerful Vanessa is. To stand up there the way she did, to give that speech the way she gave that speech. I commend her," said Lebron James.

Kobe and Gianna Bryant were laid to rest on February 7th at Pacific View Memorial Park in Corona Del Mar, California, after they tragically passed away along with seven others in a helicopter crash on January 25th.


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