Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe Bryant On 'His Favorite Holiday' Valentine's Day: 'I Miss You So Much'

Vanessa Bryant Remembers Kobe Bryant On 'His Favorite Holiday' Valentine's Day: 'I Miss You So Much'
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Spending Valentine’s Day after the love of her life passed away was obviously really hard and Vanessa Bryant took to social media to talk about missing Kobe ‘so much’ on his ‘favorite holiday.’ Here’s what she had to say!

As you know, it’s been less than a month since the basketball legend lost his life shockingly in a tragic helicopter crash alongside their second-born daughter, Gianna, 13.

The first holiday without them just so happens to be Valentine’s Day and it’s the one that is the most heartbreaking, both because it’s a day for love and Vanessa has lost the man she loves, but also because, as it turns out, it was Kobe Bryant’s favorite holiday!

Kobe and Vanessa had been married for no less than two decades and she misses him a lot this Valentine’s.

Because they managed to have such a long, happy marriage, however, it sounds like Kobe gave his beloved wife many very special and romantic Valentine's Days.

Vanessa took to her platform to share a pic in which she can be seen sitting on Kobe’s lap, his arms wrapped around her.

As she looks at the camera, he kisses her cheek, making her smile.

It’s possible the snap was actually taken during a Valentine’s Day date since she was rocking strapless, red top.

In the caption, the mourning wife and mother marked the first holiday of love without him, writing: ‘To my forever Valentine, I love you so much. Missing you so much on your favorite holiday. Te amo per sempre. Kisses to you and Gigi in heaven. Happy Valentine’s Day, my babies. With all my love, your boo-boo. ❤️.’

Vanessa also included some lyrics from Lauryn Hill’s Tell Him, the song that was also playing in the background and which perfectly describes how she feels.


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