Vanessa Bryant Hangs Out With Ciara For A Great Time

Vanessa Bryant Hangs Out With Ciara For A Great Time
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Vanessa Bryant is hanging out with Ciara for a great time. Check out the post that has fans in awe.

Someone said: 'Kiyan is like I’m with the rich aunties today,' and a commenter posted this: 'Ciara and Lala are such an amazing support system for Vanessa and her girls. I hope everyone has friendships like that, especially during the hardships. 🤍'

A follower said: 'I love how much Lala and Ciara have been there for Vanessa. Bc she needs lot of support,' and one other follower said: 'Everyone needs a friend like CiCi & LaLa!!'

Someone else said: 'Everyone deserves friends like Lala and Ciara. They’ve been there supporting Vanessa since the tragedy,' and a follower said: 'I love how they support Vanessa! Real friends are TOP TIER!'

Someone else said: 'I love how they keep Vanessa surrounded by love and happiness and keep her busy,' and one other follower said: 'I hate rides like that you telling me I got to stand up I’m already scared asf.'

A follower said: 'They never show Lauren London love like this but that’s another topic,' and one other commenter posted this: 'I love how both Ciara and Lala is being there for Vanessa through it all. If my two best friends don’t do that, I’m cutting them loose 🚪🚶🏾‍♀️✌🏾'

Someone said: 'Man God bless LaLa and Ciara!! They have been with her every day during this grief period.'

In other recent news, Vanessa Bryant took to her platform to mark what would have been her and Kobe's 20th wedding anniversary.

The widow celebrated her 'forever' love with the Instagram posts that included some of their best moments together.


A relationship lasting for two decades is very rare and it would have been an amazing milestone for Vanessa and Kobe Bryant to celebrate.

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