'Vanderpump Rules's Raquel Leviss Slams Lala Kent After Screaming Match On Latest Episode

'Vanderpump Rules's Raquel Leviss Slams Lala Kent After Screaming Match On Latest Episode
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Lala Kent found herself in an unusual position after the airing of Monday night's 'Vanderpump Rules.' The reality star who is often a fan favorite was being slammed by viewers after lashing out at Raquel Leviss and Billie Lee.

Bravo addicts already know the beef between Lala Kent and Billie along with her distaste for Raquel. Things came to a head at Billie Lee's brunch where Lala confronted James Kennedy's girlfriend for saying that she's playing the 'dad card' to treat people badly.

During that time, Kent was still coping with the sudden death of her father Kent Burningham who she bonded with Kennedy's ex-bestie Logan Noh over. Raquel accused Lala of only being friends with Logan because he isn't cool with James anymore.

The actress ended up exploding on Raquel and telling Brittany Cartwright that she's better than Billie and the pageant winner.

James' girlfriend took to Instagram to comment on the episode.


In a caption under a photo of herself, Leviss said: "A little update from your Bambi Eyed Bitch: Never once did I say anything ill mannered about Lala’s dad. Do I think Lala hasn’t been in her right mind and has been treating people extremely disrespectfully lately? Yes. Do I think the passing of her father should excuse her actions? Absolutely not. There is no excuse for purposefully making someone feel inferior to someone else and having no remorse for it. Especially when justifying your actions to someone else but not to the person you’re affecting. Don’t ever put words in my mouth. Let’s set the record straight."

She also shouted out the DJ for keeping his cool during the confrontation.

Lala explained on the 'Pump Rules' aftershow what she meant when she called herself better than her co-stars.

"What that means is, you’re the one that lets me know if I’m better than you. I don’t make that judgement, you kind of give me that call. When you act a certain way, like Bille did, like Raquel did, I don’t think I’m better than you. I know that I’m better than you because your behavior is disgusting and I would never do that. I’m not going to throw out the 'dad card.' I’m not going to cheapen the death of your parent. I’m not going to pretend like you’re transphobic just because I want a little attention. So yes, I’m better than you."

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