Vanderpump Rules Stars Lala Kent And Scheana Marie Have A Collaboration Coming!

Vanderpump Rules Stars Lala Kent And Scheana Marie Have A Collaboration Coming!
Credit: Source: Bravo

Before they were SURvers, the stars of Vanderpump Rules have all had Hollywood aspirations. Lala Kent and Scheana Marie are both interested in being pop stars.

Scheana premiered her Bravo hit singles on VPR early on in the show. Lala and James Kennedy teamed up to perform their collaboration Feeling You before she ventured off to work with other producers.

According to a tweet shared by Scheana, the two have teamed up for a new song.

'Y’all, Lala and I just killed some choreography for our new song/video we are shooting this week! #LikeABoss stay tuned.... what should our rap duo name be?'

This is a total 180 from what Kent said about her co-star when she found out that Marie was working with the producer of one of her old songs. She even dissed the singer's musical abilities.

'After I heard that they were working together, I no longer work with Sean2. I just take it personally when anything I do is cheapened. So when stuff like that happens, it’s like, I can’t. Time to move on to the next, you know?'

At the time, the VPR co-stars were allegedly beefing. But Scheana didn't have anything negative to say about Lala and seemed excited to be working with Sean2.

'I’ve had so many people ask me to put out new music and then Sean2, who works with Lala as well, was like, ‘Can I get you in the studio? I think your voice is dope, I really want to work with you.’ And we worked out a great deal. So why not? It’s something I enjoy doing,' she told US Weekly at the time while discussing her song Better Without You.

It sounds like the two are not only on way better terms but may be taking on a completely different genre than their usual pop and edm.


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