Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Slams Ex Rob Valletta

Vanderpump Rules Star Scheana Shay Slams Ex Rob Valletta
Credit: Source: Bravo

Rob Valletta, the ex-boyfriend of Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay, is speaking up about his past experiences with the VPR cast. And, not long after his comments went public, Shay and her co-star Lala Kent responded by calling him “thirsty.”

Valletta was doing press for This Is LA, a new show produced by his production company, and when an interviewer asked him about his experience on the Bravo reality show, he said that the cast was “a lot,” and described his time with some VPR cast members as “exhausting.”

According to Reality Blurb, someone alerted Marie to Valletta’s comments, and she and Kent took to Instagram to respond. Marie began by directing her followers to Kent’s Instagram story because she was saying everything Marie was thinking.

Then Marie told Valletta, “You’re welcome for all the followers. I know hanging out with us was a lot, I mean, like, a lot, but you didn’t seem to mind when you hit 100K. And congratulations on being able to keep the rented lifestyle going with your new home movie video lifestyle show.”

In a second video clip, Marie told Valletta that his comments validated that she had “dodged a motherf***ing bullet,” and Kent added in a separate video that “this motherf***er is thirsty as f**k.”

Kent said that Valletta was on their show for 5.7 seconds, and then questioned why he was “still trying to come up off that?” She also asked what company Valletta is running, and called him out for not wanting to be on VPR, but then hosting a dinner party at his house. She accused Valletta of claiming he didn’t want to be part of the show but then he would show out for viewers.

Kent called Valletta a “jokester,” and then claimed he was using the cast of Vanderpump Rules to stay relevant.

Valletta responded to Kent and Marie’s claims by pointing out that their accusations are exactly what he is talking about, “Haha, and they wonder why I say they are a lot.”

He went on to say that he likes the VPR cast, and he doesn’t think that talking bad about other people is a positive way to live. Instead, he says it is better to lift people up, and he wishes Kent and Marie the best.

Since breaking up with Scheana Marie, Valletta has started dating model Heather Love Whiting. They have been together for eight months, and he calls the relationship “the real deal.”

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Monday nights on Bravo.


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