Vanderpump Rules Star Jax Taylor Called Out For Trying To Steal Idea From A Small Business And Trashing Them Online

Vanderpump Rules Star Jax Taylor Called Out For Trying To Steal Idea From A Small Business And Trashing Them Online
Credit: Source: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor has been known to use the block button on all his social media platforms any time he feels rubbed the wrong way by a comment directed to him. So much so, that a company actually created 'Blocked By Jax' gear along with other iconic Vanderpump Rules-related phrases.

Some of the people included on the reality star's block list includes fans of the show, fellow Bravolebrities, and even his own friends such as Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix.

During Bravocon, Ariana sported a Blocked by Jax On Twitter shirt made by Goldhalfmoonco. At first, it seemed as though Jax was amused by the design but he took it a step further and decided to copy the brand via a collaboration announcement with co-star Kristen Doute's clothing line James Mae Co.

To make matters worse after he stole the idea, Taylor trashed the Etsy shop on Twitter by claiming Goldhalfmoonco's were 'fake' and 'cheap knock offs.'

Luckily, the original vendor was able to get in contact with Kristen's partner at James Mae who apologized while claiming that she had no idea that the shirts were already being made and announced that they would not be selling the product.

The Goldhalfmoonco Instagram posted photos of Taylor's tweets and captioned their post: 'UPDATE 11/22 - Magen, co-owner of JamesMae, reached out via DM with an apology and to say that she didn’t know the sweatshirts existed before she RTed Jax’s announcement from BravoCon, and that they were “hold off on making the shirts” (verbatim) on producing them. In a follow-up comment she confirmed they are not making the shirts. Sharing her DM on my stories and in a highlight (JamesMae) with her permission. Thank you everyone for your support, comments, shares, kind DMs, etc, I am so so so grateful. Jax, if you’ve somehow unblocked me to read this: you’re still a d***. ✌🏼 Just putting this here for posterity to remind J*x that not only did he take my idea, he also spread lies about the quality of a product he’s never owned and called it a “knockoff” when as of now, “his” t-shirt doesn’t exist, all because he’s salty he didn’t think of it first. Please note the time stamp, this is after Ariana bought it earlier this month, then wore and shared it when she wore it at BravoCon (Tom too). Not surprised J*x would to try to profit from his s***** behavior AND f*** my business, but man, I’m disappointed.'

At least this issue was easily resolved and the small business was able to resume selling the funny gear.


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