'Vanderpump Rules' Star James Kennedy Says Kristen Doute Was Desperate For A Storyline And Reveals He's Taking A Big Step With Girlfriend Raquel Leviss

'Vanderpump Rules' Star James Kennedy Says Kristen Doute Was Desperate For A Storyline And Reveals He's Taking A Big Step With Girlfriend Raquel Leviss
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Some viewers of "Vanderpump Rules" have been finding themselves on James Kennedy's team lately. It is a very unconventional place because James has been portrayed as a dishonest villain for many seasons -- up until recently when it was very obvious that Kennedy was telling the truth about certain things.

James and his beauty pageant winner girlfriend stopped by The Daily Dish where they told fans what really went down that night in Mexico where the DJ was being accused of hooking up with Kristen Doute.

Since James made his way into the cast of the show, his relationship with Kristen grew more volatile each season.

The two reality stars, who were once lovers, went from living together to trying to ruin each other's lives.

In the latest episode of the show, James and Kristen get outed by Jax Taylor for hooking up due to the positions that their pillows were placed when the SUR bartender woke up from his slumber.

Super Sleuth Jax thought the case was closed when James admitted to Tom Sandoval that he hung out with Kristen the previous night.

The guys turned James saying yes to "hanging out" into a rumor that he said yes to "hooking up" -- two totally different actions.

Kristen, who is in a relationship, was livid when word got back to her that he "agreed."

After the episode aired, everyone got to see that James wasn't lying and viewers actually found themselves standing up for James.

Kennedy claims that Kristen was so willing to believe them because she needed a storyline.

The musician told The Daily Dish: "I must say that Kristen was loving it. She was loving the attention. I know you both have noticed that there hasn’t been much of her this year. She’s like a vampire. She’ll just go for any blood she can and she saw some f***** opportunity in Mexico."

Raquel chimed in to say that she knew it was a lie from the get-go.

Leviss also addressed the gossip that she and James have no chemistry.

"I think our whole relationship is very misunderstood. On camera, you only see a glimpse of how we interact with each other. People will comment and say that I really don’t see a connection there. There’s so much more than just what’s being portrayed on the show," the Vanderpump Dogs employee explained.

This comes after Lala Kent called the beauty queen out for wanting to be on camera.

Raquel and James aren't letting what anyone says get in the way of their love, they announced that they will be moving together this summer.

Do you think that Kristen liked the drama that surrounded her and James this season? Do you think Raquel and James will last?


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  • LTK
    LTK Apr 9, 2018 11:05 AM PDT

    Jax will say and do everything to make him self look like he has no faults in what he did to Brittney. He used this Mexico trip and James as his ploy to make his mistakes go away! I think Jax has hit rock bottom with his job and the show. And he now needs Brittney more than ever, but not in the same way! She will take him anyway she can keep him even with this outburst on Lisa and others on the show. The guilt of what he has done is eating him up and he can't handle it. James is in a good place with his girlfriend and so is Kristen with her boyfriend. And Jax will never have that with Brittney ever. He doesn't understand real love and how to handle it. I say, bye Jax, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Your not the hit you thought you be this season and you are jealous of your cast mates totally.Try growing up and act like a real man, you may like it!

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